Flying Bird F89 Carbon Fiber Alpenstocks Ultralight Telescopic Adjustable Lock Climbing Hiking Sticks


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Name: Alpenstock
Model: F89
Material: 70% carbon fiber
Length: 62-135cm
Handle: high elastic EVA
Ribbon: comfortable wear-resistant ribbon
Locking: FLS locking system
Stick tip: tungsten steel rod tip
Feet: Wearable heel
Net weight: 186 g

Moisture wicking handle:
The use of double-density EVA material, ergonomic design with anti-skid design, can quickly absorb sweat, high-performance anti-skid, enhance outdoor safety and comfort.
Ergonomic wristbands:
Wrist strap outside the use of quick-drying fabric, the inside of the ultra-soft cotton, comfortable and breathable.
FLYINGBIRD special functional damping care:
Increased damping coefficient by 15%.

Package Includes:
1 x Carbon Fiber Alpenstock

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