ZANLURE Fishing Hook 8 Claw Hook Super Sharp Hooks With Barbed Fishing Hook


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Catalogue: fishing hook
Type: eight claw hook
Material: stainless(hook), steel wire
Weight: 10g
Size: 26#
unilateral length: 7.5cm
Expand diameter: 11cm
Color: as the picture shown

Well-made, hook pointed.
A series of eight hooks with pin connected by strong anti-bite lines.
This hook is made of stainless material,the quality of fishing hook is ensure.
It is mainly made of elastic steel wire so that can adjust the Angle of open fork.
Bundled with a bit of a lead processing so that can lock bundled.
High quality fishing hook , fishing tackle hook anchor fish sharp weapon 8 claw hook hook wire connection with lead sinkers the anchor hooks with barb.

Package Included:
1x1pcs fishing hook